“I held a candid and productive meeting with @SecBlinken….

“I held a candid and productive meeting with @SecBlinken. I expressed our appreciation to the US for their contribution in our efforts to achieve peace. For decades Ethiopia has been a key ally of the U.S. in Africa and we discussed ways of strengthening our partnership.” H.E. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held a constructive discussion with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

They discussed a host of issues including the implementation of the cessation of hostilities, the political and economic reform initiatives of the government and the way forward in revitalizing the historical bilateral relationship.
Office of the Prime Minister-Ethiopia

Acceptance Statement for the Outstanding African Leadership Award

I would like to thank the American Academy of Achievement and the Global Hope Coalition for extending a hand of friendship to the African continent and for recognizing Ethiopia’s Green Legacy initiative as an African success story.
Indeed, our continent is filled with many success stories – past, present and future. The perspective that African countries are net producers of problems that always require external assistance is an outdated one. Therefore, great appreciation to the organizers for lighting a torch on the continent’s net production of solutions.
As the global community continues to be confronted with the adverse effects of climate change, in Ethiopia we chose to undertake bold and practical solutions to address the issue. When in 2019 we launched the Green Legacy initiative as a proudly African nation and as a government navigating turbulent times, Ethiopians from corner to corner rose up armed with seedlings to cover the nation green.
The act of planting a tree is an act of faith by a young and hopeful nation. In most of Ethiopia, June to August is the rainy season, where the air cools, the dust settles, the rain quenches the thirst of the land after 9 months of heat, and the soil softens, making it hospitable for young fragile seedlings to establish roots.
In the course of these 3 months, the Green Legacy initiative invites our people to come out of their homes and places of work, walk out in unison to a field with a seedling in hand, dig a little hole in the ground and place the seedling.

Four years into the implementation of the Green Legacy Initiative, we have mobilized 25million Ethiopians across the nation to plant 25 billion seedlings, equivalent to 250 seedlings per Ethiopian. The impact could be equated to removing 64 million gasoline-powered cars from the roads for a whole year.
Today, Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative is the most extensive afforestation and reforestation program next to the Amazon. Besides the tree planting afforestation and reforestation efforts, Ethiopia has also put over 700,000 hectares of existing biodiversity and carbon-rich natural forests under a sustainable participatory forest management scheme.
By 2022, our Green Legacy initiative has fostered a flourishing national green culture, tripling the number of seedling nurseries to more than 121,000; creating more than 750,000 jobs mostly for women and youth; and generating 1.3 billion Ethiopian Birr in income.
Seedlings have also been shared with neighboring countries to bolster regional cooperation for transboundary ecosystem management.
Our Green Legacy Initiative will certainly contribute towards removing the equivalent of hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce deforestation. This implies Ethiopia’s significant contribution to the global climate change mitigation efforts.
Ethiopia’s tangible contribution to the overall global afforestation and reforestation pledge is impressive by any standard, but even more so when it has been financed primarily by domestic resources and efforts. Building on this success, Ethiopia plans to restore an additional 22 million hectares of degraded land by 2030. We are also developing a green fund and will pursue carbon trading schemes to help raise additional financing.
As a nation, we may and we do have differences in the way we interpret the past and the way we envision the future – but we are united in the hope we have for our children and our planet.
We aspire to reverse deforestation and build a green society in Ethiopia and Africa. We have no doubt that our Green Legacy story will motivate a global mobilization toward reconciling our modern civilization with our planet and ecosystems.
December 13, 2022

H.E. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with James Cleverly

H.E. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom in Hawassa city this afternoon. In addition to current issues, the discussions also focused on enhanced bilateral ties between the two countries.

IGAD Concludes the 48th Council of Ministers Ordinary Session

The 48th Ordinary Session of the IGAD Council of Ministers concluded meeting today (November 30) in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.
The Council of Ministers deliberated at length and endorsed the report presented by H.E Workneh Gebeyehu ( PhD), Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority.
The Council appreciated the IGAD Secreteriat for navigating the region and the organization when it was traversing under daunting peace and security and humanitrian situations.
The Council of Ministers also hailed IGAD for its contributions in the Peace Agreement for the Cession of Hostility in North Ethiopia.
The Ministers also put their signatures on two protocols on free movement of people and transhumance.

At its conclusion, the IGAD Ministrial Council issued a communiqué that called for institutional reform to make sure IGAD stands at the forefront in the effort of member countries achieve peace and development in the region.
Regarding peace and security, among others, the Communiqué, welcomed the Permanent Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed between the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Tigray People’s Liberation Front in Pretoria, South Africa, on 2nd November 2022 and the subsequent Declaration of Senior Commanders on Modalities for the Implementation of the Agreement signed in Nairobi, Kenya, on 12th November 2022.

Ethiopia is the best destination for tourism investment in Africa.

The presence of the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa, amazing landscapes, diverse cultures & natural settings makes Ethiopia the Hub of Tourism. Nature gifted huge eco-diversity from the largest mountains as the roof of Africa to the Danakil depression lowest place in the world below sea level, making tourism investment in Ethiopia attractive and competitive.

Training #Day14 at AFLEX

Under the heading of “New Political Trends and the Changing World Order of the 21st Century,” H.E. Ambassador Redwan Hussein, the Prime Minister’s Security Advisor, trained the diplomats at the African Leadership Excellence Academy today (November 23). He discussed current global trends, challenges, and opportunities in his presentation, as well as the historical effects of the shifting world order. Ambassador Redwan urged the diplomats to tread cautiously, to always learn and keep on improving. Ambassador Redwan also spoke about his participation in the Pretoria peace accord and the Nairobi implementation meeting between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF, as well as the lessons he learned from both. H. E. Ambassador Tesfaye Yilma, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, facilitated the session.

Demeke Calls AU Member States to Industrialize, Boost Intrastate Trade

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen, said AU member states should redouble their efforts to industrialize and boost intraAfrican trade.
Speaking at the Extra-Ordinary Summit on Industralization and Economic Diversification held in Niamey ,Niger today (November 23) DPM Demeke said industrialization determines whether Africa can transform its natural endowments into tradeable products or depend on imported products from outside.
Deputy Prime Minister Demeke who underscored the importance of allocating necessary resources to kick-start industralization in the continent and transform the economy also called AU member states determinations to change the visions into implementable actions.
Ethiopia implemented Home-grown economic refom program with the sole purpose of creating condusive economic environment for the private sector by removing structural red tapes number of industrial policies in the past few years with impressive results, Demeke elaborated.
He also said Ethiopia throw its weight behind the AU’s initiative to industralize the continent.
Attendants at the Summit said indusalization is not an event but a process and Africa has all the assets for job creation and industralization.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gave a training and mission direction on Ethiopia’s foreign relations policy at the African Leadership Excellence Academy. The training was attended by young and senior diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leadership of the Ministry.

ምክትል ጠ/ሚኒስትርና የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር ክቡር አቶ ደመቀ መኮንን ከአልጄሪያ ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር ጋር ተነጋገሩ

(ህዳር 13 ቀን 2015 ዓ/ም አዲስ አበባ): ምክትል ጠ/ሚኒስትርና የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር ክቡር አቶ ደመቀ መኮንን ከአልጄሪያ ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር ክቡር ራምታን ላማምራን ጋር ዛሬ ተነጋግረዋል።
ኒጀር ርዕሰ መዲና ኒያሚ ውስጥ ነገ በሚጀምረው የአፍሪካ ሕብረት የመሪዎች ልዩ ስብሰባ ላይ ለመገኘት ኒያሚ የሚገኙት ምክትል ጠ/ሚኒስትር እና የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር አቶ ደመቀ በወቅታዊ የአገራችን ሁኔታና በደቡብ አፍሪካ የተፈረመው የሰላም ስምምነት ዙሪያ ለአልጄሪያው የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒሰትር ላምምራ ገለፃ አድርገዋል።
አልጄሪያ አገራችን ፈተና በገጠማት ወቅት ለወሰደችው በመርህ ላይ የተመሠረቱ አቋሞች ምስጋናቸውን አቅርበዋል።

የአልጄሪያው የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር የሰላም ስምምነቱ አፍሪካ የራሷን ችግር የመፍታት አቅም እንዳላት የሚያሳይ ነው ብለዋል።
የኢትዮጵያ የግዛት አንድነት እና ደህንነት እንዲከበር አገራቸው እንደምትፈልግ ሚኒስትር ላማምራ ገልፀዋል። የኢትዮ-አልጄሪያ ወዳጅነት እንዲጠናከር በጋራ ለመስራት ተስማምተዋል።