House Speaker Holds Talks With U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (June 1, 2021)

The Speaker of the House of Peoples Representatives, Tagesse Chafo received and held talks with the visiting U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe at his office.

The two exchanged views on a range of national and regional issues from perspectives of latest developments in Ethiopia.

The House Speaker briefed the U.S. Senator on completion of law enforcement measures in Tigray and consequent humanitarian activities being carried out in the region, and activities underway to address border dispute with Sudan.

Ethiopia has been responding to humanitarian needs resulted from the law enforcement measures taken against the TPLF Junta which attacked the army and waged war against the federal government, he explained. He said Ethiopia has unwavering stance to resove the dispute with sudan through peaceful mechanisms.

Senator Jim Inhofe, to his part, appreciated the briefing made by the house speaker and affirmed that he has got a clear view of what is really going on in Ethiopia.

The U.S. senator further reaffirmed commitment to support to the overall activities Ethiopia has been undertaking in all sectors.

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